We are Gonterman & Meyer.

Gonterman & Meyer is a local, full-service law firm.

We specialize in estate planning and administration, real estate, financial institution services, small and mid-size business, and Medicaid planning.

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Gonterman & Meyer has helped countless clients in the Evansville and greater Midwest region with all aspects of their operations.

We’re committed to providing cutting-edge legal and practical business advice to our clients while supporting our local community. From estate planning to complex commercial transactions, our proven track record of success will help you thrive and rise above any legal challenges that stand in your way. Veteran owned and operated, Gonterman & Meyer Law will tirelessly and vigorously represent your legal needs.

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With over 50 years of combined experience,

you’re in trusted, expert hands when you partner with the attorneys at Gonterman & Meyer.

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Rhett Gonterman is a combat Iraq War veteran having served in the United States Marine Corps from 2000-2006. Rhett was twice deployed to Iraq in furtherance of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism. Following his service in the Marine Corps, Rhett was fortunate to partner with Greg Meyer and formed Gonterman & Meyer Law, LLC in January 2022.


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Our diversity of expertise is what sets our firm apart from others. We know that the strongest and most successful teams are the ones that incorporate a wide range of professional knowledge. Gonterman and Meyer has over 50 years of combined legal and practical experience as both in-house corporate counsel and as trusted outside counsel. The attorneys at Gonterman & Meyer pride themselves on providing cost effective practical business solutions to their clients.

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